A Lady Date

The other day I had a lovely lady date with a very good friend who recently got engaged (yay!). We made plans to finally see each other after several months, and we hit up our usual spot, Little Tokyo, a sushi place in Brunswick. It was great to catch up, meet her dog Rue, short for Ryukyu (ru-ku) and enjoy some very tasty sushi. I got the dragon roll, which is what I get every time I go, because it’s so dang delicious;  baked eel, avocado  and sweet potato tempura. Mmmm! After our awesome lunch, we ventured down the street and stopped at a salon to spontaneously get our hair cut. And of course, no trip to Brunswick with Erin is complete without a stop in to Gelato Fiasco. She got the sea salt caramel and dark chocolate noir, while I got the blood orange sorbetto and of course, the dark chocolate noir, which for those of you who haven’t tried it, is an amazing cocoa-y sorbetto that is to DIE for! Seriously, try it. We headed back to let Rue out for another walk and then headed to the Topsham Mall to meet up with another friend, where we tried on clothes, bought mascara, and talked about how yesterday we were 17, and now we are old ladies who get married! Crazy….It was a really great day, and I can’t wait to do it again sometime. Here are a few photos from the day.

Rue copy

rue3 copy





sushi4 copy


sushi1 copy


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