Sean and Amanda: Married!

My beautiful cousin Amanda recently got married in Portland, and it was so much fun! The ceremony was at a gorgeous old church with high ceilings and stain glass windows. The ceremony was brief and when it was over we all headed on over to the reception for cocktails (delicious!) , dinner (lobster and steak, need I say more?) , and lots of dancing ( the DJ played some awesome mixes!). They even had a photo booth, with props, which proved to be very popular and everyone had a lot of fun trying on weird hats and funny glasses and taking pictures together. The vendor was Old Port Photo Booth, and the guy was very nice and the pictures were really great quality and if anyone is looking for a photo booth at their wedding, check them out!  The wedding photographer was Rachel Bell Photography, and she did a great job blending in but being in all the right places and I can not WAIT to see all the lovely images I’m sure she captured that day. I brought my camera along (minus the flash) so I could document some of the day too. The next day we all met up for brunch in the hotel and then the various friends and family form both sides slowly went on their way. The bride and groom went on a mini-cation to New York, where they took in some sights and the play Wicked! I hope everyone enjoys the photos, and had as wonderful a time with these two as I did!

IMG_9017fb IMG_9020fb IMG_9023fb IMG_9025fb IMG_9028fb IMG_9029fb IMG_9037fb IMG_9039fb IMG_9042fb IMG_9045fb IMG_9047fb IMG_9048 IMG_9051fb IMG_9054fb IMG_9057fb IMG_9058fb IMG_9059fb IMG_9060fb IMG_9062fb IMG_9066fb IMG_9067fb IMG_9068fb IMG_9069fb IMG_9071fb IMG_9072fb IMG_9076fb IMG_9077fb IMG_9079fb IMG_9082fb IMG_9084fb IMG_9086fb IMG_9087fb IMG_9088fb IMG_9091fb IMG_9092fb IMG_9093fb IMG_9094fb IMG_9095fb IMG_9096fb IMG_9097fb IMG_9106fb IMG_9112fb IMG_9115fb IMG_9117fb IMG_9118fb IMG_9119fb IMG_9120fb IMG_9121fb IMG_9122fb IMG_9123fb IMG_9125fb IMG_9128fb IMG_9129fb IMG_9134fb IMG_9135fb IMG_9138fb IMG_9145fb IMG_9150fb IMG_9154fb IMG_9180fb IMG_9181fb IMG_9183 IMG_9202fb IMG_9215fb


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